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New Single I'm Your MAchine: Electrosexual Programmed by Hard Ton

World Premiere for Electrosexual's new single I'm your machine featuring Hard Ton

Pre Order the new single AUTOMATIC PEOPLE featuring Hanin Elias with remixes by Millimetric, Adan & Ilse, Yeti Popstar & Machines in the UK  on Itunes

Electrosexual, the method and the formula behind the sonic experiments of Romain Frequency. By Paul Davies / Four Culture.


Electrosexual New Album on Four Culture

Your Mom's Agency Electrosexual Special!

KALTBLUT MAGAZINE Electrosexual Debut Album!

Wrangelkiez reviews the Art Support Machine Album

Art Support Machine exclusive preview on Novafuture

Watch the CRYSTAL FLESH Video Premiere on Kaltblut Magazine

Watch the TEMPELHOF video premiere on LOCAL SUICIDE blog

Interview  Electrosexual par Manon Heugel de Génération Berlin

Electrosexual New Single Tempelhof premiere on Novafuture

Electrosexual new Video "Tempelhof" premiere on Local Suicide Blog.

Electrosexual new video Lay My Eye directed by Christine Rho  on Novafuture

Sex riots! Hanin Elias and Electrosexual on Ex-Berliner

offizielle videopremiere und Interview

Electrosexual is bringing the sexy back with his new EP “Demolition ” released on Rock Machine records



" Loving this - - will play Everywhere!!" Laurent Garnier March 2014

" Great Stuff!" Acid Washed March 2014

" Tempelhof is a Great Release!" Alexander Robotnick March 2014

" The man who never fails to make a dancefloor pop has got the (Berlin) world at his feet, and that’s just the way he wants it!" Kaltblut Magazine 2013

" Electrosexual is making his name among the coolest musicians in Berlin" Ex-Berliner 2013

„This new single Demolition is a brillant example of RetroDisco futuristic Bomb" Tsugi Magazine 2013

"Electrosexual? just the right words for Noisey!" Noisey/Vice 2013

"One Killer Track after the next. Discolition is a historical modern Disco Record. Can´t stop listening." Steve Morell (Producer, DJ,Pale Music Int,)

"A rare Jewel in the Electro Music Scene" - Montenegrins Do It Better 2012

"Electrosexual has created a monster", I Feel Love is deep and massive,like a thumping heartbeat on a dancefloor , heady with amyl - Worrapolava

"Electrosexual continues to flex his dancefloor bound muscles in new and captivating ways, taking the euro-disco template and compressing it into a sexualized motorik beat" - -Rough Trade

"There is something mesmerizing in his disco wave sounds - Montenegrins Do It Better

" Fantastique, Magnifique, exentrique" - Pinq Radio Amsterdam

"Like a coming together of everything that's great about electronic music" - Electronic Rumours

"Living machines and synthesizer fetishism" - Ann Shenton, Zoot Magazine

"It's a stone cold Classic" - Rough Trade Shops

"Vorsicht – Suchtgefahr!" - Ich Bin Ein Berliner Festival

"Electrosexual is exposing the bones and turning music inside out!" - Ann Shenton - Add N to[X]








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